If Marshmello and CHVRCHES have one thing in common – it is that they both are more than familiar with topping music festival lineups. Both the masked producer/DJ and Scottish Synthpop group have seen massive success in the mainstream music scene by their multiple festival appearances over the last three years. That being said, nobody expected the two powers to team up together, but that is exactly what happened last week with the release of ‘Here With Me'.

The crossover track is about what we have come to expect from a Marshmello collaboration. While formulaic in nature, the track still checks all the boxes needed to obtain mainstream hit status. Relying on CHVRCHES vocals and general vibe for the verse, and a Marshmello style accessible EDM break down, this tune has what it takes to rule the radio. That being said, it has been marketed considerably less than Mello's other mainstream collaborations and after over 4 days it stands shy of 3 million views on YouTube.

While that number is nothing to be balked at, it is less than one might expect from a high-profile collab with Mello. Regardless of public perception, this tune is a gem in the growing discography of Marshmello. Check it out below.