While it's pretty common knowledge that Chris Comstock (Dotcom) is Marshmello at this point, the Bollywood actress, Urvashi Rautela, is under fire for accidentally revealing Marshmello's true identity.

Instead of taking down the photo, Rautela has since untagged Marshmello from her Instagram post but has left Maejor and Moe Shalizi tagged. Take a look at the images below.

Rautela Marshmello Post

Love a good party 🎉 Cute night with cute boys @maejor @shalizi 🇺🇸 #gang #hollywood #bollywood #music

A post shared by URVASHI RAUTELA 🇮🇳Actor (@urvashirautelaforever) on

While this doesn't really come as a surprise to anyone, there is quite a bit of evidence that Dotcom is Marshmello at this point. From Skrillex's interview with Katie Couric to the matching tattoos on both of the aliases legs, the evidence is pretty clear at this point.

H/T: The Bangin Beats