For years, Derek Vincent Smith, AKA Pretty Lights has been a dominant force in electronic music culture and has amassed an incredibly large fan base with a unique culture to go with it. Over the last decade or so, PL has brought to his fans some of the most intense live musical experiences, experimenting with live sets featuring now two separate bands, and at one point, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. While his productions shine on their own, as he combines a wild mix of live hip-hop and EDM sounds, it is difficult to truly understand the genius of Smith without seeing him perform. The energy his shows contain is hardly matched in the electronic scene, and largely unmatched by musical experiences as a whole.

Just this week, DVS announced one of his biggest events to date, and it looks like the Pretty Lights Family will be taking a vacation this December. Pretty Light's Island of Light festival has been announced and is set to take place from December 7-10 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Highlighting the festival will be three headlining sets from the Pretty Lights Live band. However, as Puerto Rico is quite the trip for many of PL's homestead cities in the continental United States, Smith has invited a large selection of his other favorite musical acts to perform over the course of the four days. The top two lines of the lineup include PL homies such as Gramatik and Tycho, and the undercard of the lineup serves as more of a main section of a lineup than it does an undercard. Acts such as Break Science and Michal Menert highlight the lower section of the bill.

Tickets for this event go on sale this Friday at 12pm so make sure to be on your computers ready to snag them before they are gone. This event will be one hell of a holiday for PLF and will feature some of the most talented live electronic crossover acts that this industry has to offer. It will not be an event you want to miss. Tickets will be available here, and more information about the fest can be found here.

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