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Marshmello and Friends (Event Review)

In celebration of Miami Music Week, Marshmello performed at Soho Studios on Wednesday, March 22, along with many other artists. Located in Wynwood, many people attended this once in a lifetime event. This event was one of the most talked about events in Miami, along with Miami born Music Festival, Ultra. Possibly everyone in the whole city was itching to attend this greatly anticipated event. I took the opportunity to see what the Mello Master and his companions were truly all about.

When I first entered the venue, I couldn't believe the amount people that were gathered together in this massive and spacey room, waiting to see the one and only Marshmello. The whole venue was taken up by more than half of it's size. Many people were supporting this Mello star with Do-it-yourself Marshmello heads, Marshmello shirts and gear, and wearing all white attire. You can tell that this audience was serious when it came to this Dj/Producer.

The first DJ duo that I was able to see open for the well-known artist was the prodigious Moski. The two producers were unsurprisingly dressed in tracksuits, which if you are unaware are their signature outfits for the group. They are mainly known for playing some of the most extensive and ample deep house music that one should take the chance to see live. A massive amount of people were shuffling to the heavy beats of this spectacular duo. Their performance was very well done and I truly enjoyed it.

Following Moski's performance, Trap Dj, Ookay, was next to perform. Ookay has never failed when it comes to hyping up a live audience. This was not my first experience watching this incredibly talented trap DJ. I have been to many of his previous performances and never has he failed to bring life to any party. Surely enough, everyone was partying their life away during this amazing set. Ookay performed many well-known tracks such as his new collaboration “Chasing Colors,” with Marshmello and Noah Cyrus, his most popular single “Thief,” and new music that is expected be released soon. In my opinion, there was no better DJ to open up for Marshmello than Ookay himself.

As Ookay's set finally came to an end, the vibrant lights began to dim and everyone knew who was next to perform. The chants moderately began until suddenly, everyone was screaming “Marshmello! Marshmello! Marshmello!” It seemed as if everyone was counting down to this truly impeccable moment. The chants grew louder and louder until there was only loud screams. Marshmello had finally made his ultimate appearance. This truly admired DJ entered the stage with his LED infested helmet as his most popular song “Alone” began to play. The audience began to sing along with the words, knowing that this was the start of an unforgettable experience.

Picture credited by LiveStyle Miami

Throughout Marshmello‘s performance, you felt the true loving atmosphere among not only this prestigious event, but the audience as well. Marshmello played some of his classics such as “Know Me,” “Invincible,” “Keep It Mello,” and his most famous remix to “Where Are U Now,” by Jack U. The crowd was truly ecstatic, taking part in every song that was played by the fascinating artist. The performance itself was definitely more than I had expected. Experiencing a performance by him for the first time, it was truly a remarkable set. The visuals accompanied the set very well, brimming with a world of color and animation. Marshmello managed to play not only his own style of music, but some much appreciated trap music to keep the crowd moving. Later on in the performance, Marshmello invited Ookay to reappear on stage to perform their recent collaboration “Chasing Colors,” providing an immense hype to the whole ordeal. Obviously, This was no party like any other.

It was 3 AM by the time Marshmello had played his final song. Performing his popular remix to “Hello” by Adele, you can feel the gloominess of the crowd, knowing that their beloved DJ was about to make his ultimate departure. At this point, everyone, including I, knew that we had to make this last song a memorable one. We all sang to the memorable words loudly, hoping to overpower the loud and heavy speakers situated among the stage. It was time to say goodbye as this unique artist took his bow and walked off the stage.

At the end of this performance, I left hoping that this fascinating artist will one day return to the city of Miami. Everyone in this beautiful city will be waiting for his next return. I am hoping that his next performance will be as equally great or better than this truly memorable one. It is easy to say that it is fairly visible as to why this DJ is so enormously adored.

You can check out the first ten minutes of the performance below. This video was exclusively made for EDM Sauce credited to the great workings of A&H Media.

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