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JPhelpz’ Unleashes ‘Spicy Meatball’ Off New EP – LEVELED [Exclusive Premiere]

That is right folks we are here to brighten your Wednesday morning with a little exclusive premiere action off of Firepower. JPhelpz has been an innovator of the bass community for years now. Planting his roots deep in the underground and more recently having massive success with label releases. This guy knows how to craft a tune that will leave you with semi-permanent stink face. So be warned – the track we are bringing you today might just have face altering affects. Check it out below.

JPhelpz was also nice enough to answers a few questions we had around the release. It is a dynamic tune with A LOT going on at any given moment. Listening to the track there is a unique sample, that happens to be the track's namesake. Yeah the “THAT'S A SPICY MEATBALL!” one. It is a little out there, but upon doing some research we learned that this sample was something of an internet mystery. Looks like it has been used all over the place but actually originated in an advertisement for Alka Seltzer from the 60's. So I had to ask where did JPhelpz pick it up from…

“That is the exact commercial the I sampled the vocal from! The whole “spicy meatball” thing is an old running joke from my dubstep YouTube tutorials. The sample fit so perfectly before the drop that I decided to keep it.”

When listening to ‘Spicy Meatball' there is something intriguing about the arrangement. The use of pauses and rests are an unexpected juxtaposition to the more aggressive sections. So I was curious how JPhelpz creates a unique track in an ever competitive market, where new and old talent are consistently making more original tracks.

“I was actually aiming to create something a little more mainstream friendly. I really respect Zomboy's mixdown quality and was trying to make something that would play well side by side with his stuff. I think the end result is something that follows the sort of “hype” sound that is popular right now but with my own personal twist on it.”

I think he succeed in his endeavor because this song is a banger. The full LEVELED EP drops in just two days on the 24th and is packed with tracks of the same caliber as ‘Spicy Meatball'. So follow JPhelpz on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the new filth he will be releasing upon us in 2017.

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