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Hi I’m Ghost Debuts The Powerful EP Lead Off – ‘Das Fuego’ [Exclusive Premiere and Interview]

Hi I'm Ghost has been consistently shaping their style for the past several releases. The duo and their spectral little buddy have created a style of unique and exciting productions where you never really know what you will get next. Hi I'm Ghost have gone bass house, electro, trap and of course dubstep. This is just a piece of what makes this duo so exciting.

We have the privilege today of debuting the lead off track for their forthcoming EP, ‘Slumber Party'. The song is called ‘Das Fuego' and you will be happy to hear that it entirely lives up to its name. ‘Das Fuego' is a wonky, face melter of a 3 minute banger. The mid section of this tune gets down right dirty as the bass pounds at an unrelenting pace, ramping up the energy level to an absolute maximum. In addition to allowing us to premiere this beauty we were also to catch up a bit with the guys of Hi I'm Ghost which you can check out below!

Interview With Hi I'm Ghost

What similarities can you draw between classical music and electronic tunes? Having produced both I am curious to hear your opinion.

“I feel like classical music is very similar to electronic music in its construction of the compisition. They both feature “build ups” along with crescendos which in the electronic community we refer to as the drop.” – Nathan

“The similarities are immense. The same care and attention are used in both classical and electronic. Both are art in their respective category. The only direct difference to me is electronic music uses mostly digital formats where classical are more in tune with acoustics.” – Tiago

When you start producing a new track, what inspires you to take on a certain genre? Or do you kind of just go for it and let the tune create itself?

“Personally I love all sorts of edm whether it be dubstep, trap, or house I ultimately want to music to influence people in a certain way. Whether that be making them dance or feel emotion, it's what music is all about. Communicating with people all over the world with sound.” – Nathan

“We like making everything and it's fun to not be held in one spot with one genre. We just go for it. Usually we make what we like and compile what we think would sound good together on a release.” – Tiago

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What plans do you have for live visuals and live shows moving forward?

“Currently we have a few videos we use live, such as Ghost flying around and a few others. We also have a bit in our live shows where Ghost interrupts the set and we have a bit of a talk with him since he wants to show off his new song. Moving forward theres a ton of stuff we'd like to do.” – Nathan

“We love our little ghost. We want him to show up at all our shows. We're testing the waters with that aspect every time we play out.” – Tiago

‘Das Fuego' is a killer lead off to the EP as a whole, how do you go about curating an order for your EPs? What kind of feelings do you want the listener to take on as they listen through the tracks?

“I personally listed the EP to go down the list of bangers. From our live shows we took note of what people react to the best and ordered them that way.” – Nathan

“We like to treat our releases like this EP as a story line. Das Fuego is an incredibly powerful track that shows without question the EP means business. Though all tracks provide monstrous energy, we planned it to be a clean transition of the most energy in the first two tracks then a gradient of melodic elements to finish the release off with “Boi” and especially “Uh-Oh” leaving our listeners satisfied and ready for more.” – Tiago

We want to thank the guys again for letting us bring y'all this gorgeous track first! This is the first single off of ‘Slumber Party', the full EP will be released on September 29th. You can buy ‘Das Fuego' HERE today! In the mean time while we all wait for the full EP, check out Hi I'm Ghost's socials below.


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