Orii has been producing in the shadows for years. His productions have been crafted for many top producers of bass. While it is still unclear exactly who has used his ghost production services, he has decided to step out into the light with a massive debut. ‘The Rule' highlights Orii's production mastery with a blend of styles that will leave you slack jawed.

The intro to the track takes elements from Drum N Bass, Rap, UK Grime, and even Metal. I mean the first 30 seconds of this song are borderline overwhelming with the amount of influences that can be noted. Then comes the drop, and good god what a mind blowing drop it is. The amount of energy that is let loose when this track fully develops is downright impressive.

A melodic section rushes in with a piano interlude that borders on the sublime and just when the listener is lulled into a false sense of security the strong lyrical hook returns and throws the listener back into a whirlwind of all that is right in bass music. This song is out of this world. Take a listen below!


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