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Another Successful Night of Blood, Sweat, and Bass at Webster Hall

Webster Hall is one of the most well known and legendary venues on the East Coast. Since 1992, the venue has been pumping out non-stop nights of the best electronic music in New York City. With the city being overwhelmingly dominated by the club scene, the consistency of button ups, bottle service, and attendees out celebrating a 21st birthday can get old fast. Webster Hall is a refreshing break in the club culture that brings togther fans from all aspects of electronic music without a dress code. Offering up four rooms of music, Webster can fill your heart with the 4×4 groove of house music, the intensity of drum and bass, or in the case of our attendance on Saturday night, the monstrous filth of the best up and coming dubstep acts. This weekend, a bass monster who has made his mark on dubstep in the last year took the stage courtesy of Bassment Saturdays and provided us with one hell of a night. His name was Krimer, and we have lots more to tell you about him.


Getting to the venue around midnight, we were greeted with a usual sea of people gathered outside Webster Hall. In the main room that night, Destructo was headlining one of the venues new Gotham parties. Attracting very different types of fans for the two main rooms of music, it was clear to us as soon as we walked up who was heading down into the Bassment and who would be staying upstairs for the night. We were met with gracious and hysterical staff who made our wait in line relatively entertaining. Security at Webster is always professional and tends to know the perfect in between place of a welcoming atmosphere and of a necessary intimidation in order to do their Jobs to the best and fullest potential. We headed down into the darkness of the Bassment and saw plenty of friendly regulars who had already began the craziness for the night. As the opener playing finished up his set, a sense of excitement and electricity filled the air. Fans were ready for what they came for, an absolute nasty set from the main man Krimer.

By the end of Krimer's set, I was covered in sweat, had exhausted all of my energy over the 90 minutes of filth he had bestowed upon us. The set was filled with plenty of original tunes by Krimer which seemed to go off more than any of the other tunes he played. The crowd really knew the artist, which is always a nice thing to see. Not only that the crowd knew the majority of the tunes played out, but Krimer was extremely invested in the set, and the crowd losing it to his own songs only added fuel to the fire. The parts of the set that were not his original tracks consisted majorly of the best music off of Never Say Die Black Label, as that is the record label that Krimer mainly has released under. The mixing was clean, and the high intensity of the set was stellar. From start to finish it was clear that Krimer will be the future of dubstep. A flawless performance to say the least.


I left the venue and touched my forehead to be greeted with a large amount of pain. This was not surprising as the mosh pits had started early in the night, and had not ended when my time at Webster had come to a close. What did surprise me was the significance of cut on my head when I looked at myself in the mirror. To be perfectly honest, it was 100% worth the pain. As they say, all is fair in love and dubstep! See you next time Bassment, thanks for the memories and the pain. They're reminders of the good time you hold every Saturday night.

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