Kygo the tropical house pioneer, has been turning heads recently with bold releases. This trend continued today as he released his remix of The Weeknd and Daft Punk's “Starboy”. The song became an overnight sensation when the original was first released a few weeks ago. Though it was met with some criticism in the dance music community for not featuring more Daft Punk, overall the tune was met with critical acclaim. I will be totally transparent here as someone who reviews music for a living, when I saw Kygo remixed this track, I was not hopeful. It seemed the original's artists vibe would not mix with Kygo's. I am happy to report I was a fool for even thinking that.

This remix is stellar. It competes with the original track, and in my opinion tops it. Kygo breathed new life into the song with elements that you would not expect him to be using. The way he blends his more relaxed synth riffs with the originals darker more house driven beat is nothing short than masterful. This is easily one of the best remixes to hit the shelves in 2016. Take a listen below and stay tuned as we patiently await The Weeknd and Daft Punk's second collaboration, and hopefully a Kygo remix of that as well.

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