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Best of 2016

Golden Features Releases What Might Be The Best EP of 2016

Odesza's Foreign Family Collective has been on absolute fire this year. Rufus Du Sol, Jai Wolf and Big Wild are just a few of the artists who have been burning down the scene with incredible releases. Today the most recent addition to the Collective dropped an EP that is in the running for one of the best of 2016. Golden Features found a lot of success in the past but his most recent effort ‘Wolfie/Funeral' is on an entirely different level.

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Wolfie' is a sultry indie electronic track that will make you melt. The Australian folk singer Julia Stone, of ‘Big Jet Plane' fame provides the vocals on the track. Her unique voice gives the song a depth which is palpable. The melodic breaks in the tune are reminiscent of late 2000's indie rock groups such as Cut Copy and Animal Collective. All in all it is a beautifully simple track which you will have on repeat for the foreseeable future. ‘Wolfie' shines through in a time where dance music focuses on ever more complex sound design and song structure, and shows that if you can do the commonplace correctly, it becomes the extraordinary.


Funeral‘ rounds out the two song extended play with a much different style that its electrifying predecessor, but in means is it the weaker half of the release. Both tracks are superb but in their own specific way. The juxtaposition of styles on the EP is just one of the many small ways in which it is unique. ‘Funeral' is more experimental sound design and does not feature a vocalist. The track includes elements ranging from industrial to techno and even some from the bass genres. It is a hypnotic and dark track with a brief haunting piano interlude that will leave the listener with goose bumps.

This two song effort is one of the best releases of the year, and that is saying a lot because 2016 has been a year with some seriously incredible music. We can only hope that Golden Features stays with Foreign Family and Odesza can bring the masked man stateside as either a headliner or support for their next tour. What are they putting in the water down in Australia? The smallest continent has turned into a breeding ground for forward thinking electronic music.

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