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Best of 2016

EDM Sauce Editor Picks – Best Remixes of 2016 [Over 30 Tracks]

The art of the remix is a tricky one. You need to take an existing track and make it your own but still preserving the integrity of the original. It is a long honored tradition of the dance music world, and taking a look back at 2016 we have found a slew of some of the most forward thinking and dynamic remixes ever produced. We polled our entire staff and like the Best of Labels list we used a point system to gauge the winners. Each writer got three votes – a first place vote got three points, a 2nd place vote got two points and 3rd only 1 point. This was a bit tricky as there were so many different answers to the best remixes of 2016. So we bring you the top three of the year then a list of the all the songs which received at least one vote.

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1. Flume – Say It (featuring Tove Lo) [Clean Bandit Remix]: 9 Quality Points

This remix was something incredibly special. Clean Bandit had some sad news this year with the announcement of their violinist deciding to leave the group but lucky for us that did not cause any internal chaos production wise. Clean Bandit puts their signature sound on the track while preserving all the perfect pieces of the original. The result is a sexy, hypnotic dance floor ready jam that highlights all of the best pieces of 2016.

2. Deadmau5 – Strobe [Feed Me Remix]: 6 Quality Points

News that Deadmau5 was releasing a remix package for his absolutely legendary track ‘Strobe' was met with widespread skepticism. ‘Strobe' is a masterpiece, one of the greatest electronic music tracks every produced, one that arguably should not be messed with. So with all of that, the artists who undertook the task of editing the track were in for a real challenge. While the remix package produced some stellar results including one from Lane 8, it was Feed Me's remix that took the prize. The track is gorgeous through and through. It keeps the same unique tension of the original that makes its slow build and release so euphoric but incorporates some sound design elements that will make your jaw drop. It was the perfect marriage of Feed Me and Deadmau5.

3. Kaskade and L'Tric vs Fleetwood Mac – Dreams [Mash-Up]: 4 Quality Points

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It is quite the undertaking to attempt to remix a classic rock song. It can be done though with great success, most notably Pretty Lights' edit of John Denver's ‘Country Roads' comes to mind. But as 2016 draws to a close we have another incredible remix/mash-up that you will have on remix. Stevie Nicks' voice is one that was made to be put on top of music and Kaskade has shown us that deep house is no exception to that idea. The Mash-Up is dreamy, almost haunting at points but just all around beautiful. Check this one out now if you haven't heard it.

Well there is where the consensus ends to remix votes. The rest of the tracks included all received a varying amount of votes and ranged in 1 to 3 quality points. Therefore so we have decided to just include them all from here on out in no particular order instead of a 10 way tie for spots 4 through 6. Stay tuned for tomorrow we are dropping our picks for best new artist in 2016.

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