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DJ Goes On Epic Rant At People That Move Next To Club

Don't like loud noises? Well then we recommend not living next to the 405 freeway, airports, railroad tracks and oh yeah, nightclubs.

A local DJ by the name Timbee, real name Tim Lanzon, isn't too pleased about residents moving into his area and then proceeding to complain about the noise coming from the clubs.

“Do you know what grinds my gears like almost nothing else? People who move into a nightclub district and then seek to start active campaigns against the venues around them,” he wrote to Facebook. They seek to actively target and destroy a community which was there long before these whinging yuppies took up residence in a completely inappropriate location.

Timbee posted the rant to his Facebook with a sign found in an apartment complex near Jack Rabbit Slims that talks about campaigning against the nightclub.

Unfortunately, London is experiencing nightclub closures left and right due to complaints similar to this one.

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