Ableton Tech Receives Call Of His Life

Somebody over at Ableton recently had an incredibly stressful situation after having to solve a misfiring “Launch Pad” during a DJ's live set…

Well,  at least that's what the thought they were doing.

DJ Skull Vomit, otherwise known as Tony Welter from Antwerp, made a prank call of epic proportions a few days ago, misleading some poor and unsuspecting technician to deal with the stresses of a live audience.

Not much is known about the GrindCore producer, other than that he has a fairly large following and has a playlist solely dedicated to making deranged prank calls. This latest case was one of them.

The employee, whom we'd love to interview, appeared to stay level headed throughout the duration of the call. Though it must have been jarring to listen to the polyphonous plethora of random loops, breaks and samples blaring through the tiny speakers of a phone headset.

Regardless, the technician try'd their best to guide Tony through remedying the situation.

Did you try unplugging it and plugging back in sir?

Thank you Ableton Tech Support, you deserve a cookie.

Listen to the absolute hilarity below on SkullVomit's Soundcloud:

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