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Bass to the Bay – Interview with Flatline Events

Our love for music has gotten us to many different roads in our lifetime. With an EDM bubble practically bursting right before our eyes, it's hard to see who truly has a passion for who they are and what they love. As much as we love to talk with artists and what they are up to, sometimes they get a little too much spotlight. What about the people who take the time to host them and bring them out to their respected cities? In the Bay Area, that's where Sam comes in from Flatline Events. Bringing some of the heaviest Bass Music to the Bay Area is what he loves and we got the chance to sit down and talk about why he enjoys doing what he does.

Sam: Well my name is Sam Alavi and I'm from San Jose, California, I've had a very interesting upbringing and to say the least, I'm blessed to be here now and to be involved with something I truly love. Flatline is a company that me and one of my best friends Dimitri Fernando founded together.

They both founded Flatline Events back in August of 2015 when they felt that the bay area wasn't getting enough exposure to bass music and wanted to change this. Their “business plan” and everything they work towards always revolves around bringing a heavy dose of bass music, specifically working towards bringing out artists that have never been here before. Exposing the bay area to talented individuals who are revolutionizing the bass music community is their goal and they are certainly achieving it. The passion for bass music in general is something that will go down with him.

Sam: I don't know where to begin with my love towards Bass Music and the “Bass Music Scene”. For me it all started back when I was younger listening to bass heavy rap beats with no lyrics, focusing on the subwoofer in my friends room and thinking about how a “sound” can now be “felt” when it reaches a low enough frequency. I had spent quite a bit of time in different scenes and even though the Bass Music scene doesn't specifically represent “PLUR” I feel like we exercise that acronym better than any scene. People in the bass music scene seem to be against negativity and negative energies. To say it in plain terms. People in the bass music scene seem to be the most self aware and very conscious of their actions and seem the most considerate out of other scenes.

My passion for bass music and the scene that follows it has grown so big that I've realized that it saved my life. My determination to push bass music has kept me on the right path and given me something to fight for, even at my darkest of times, and for that, I owe music everything I have.

Throwing these events and giving back to that same community has been something that has come natural. Starting literally from the bottom to now growing and working with well known venues has been a huge task.

Sam: The very first show I threw was called “Bass Therapy” and it featured local, dubstep/riddim talent. It was in an “interesting” venue on a bad side of town in Oakland. Now our next two shows are at The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz which was a dream of mine. I'm honored to be able to work with them and it's been nothing but a pleasure. But I can tell you this much. That first show I threw in Oakland led me to making some of the best friendships I could make. The people at that show have done nothing but support me as time went on and I've tried to nothing but the same.


Recently announced is an event titled GRIM featuring Barely Alive and will be an on going series for fans to look forward to.

We created this brand in hopes to starting a series of events that will forever be remembered. We have really big things in store for GRIM 2017 and it's been in the planning already. We are eager to create a brand that will be known to bring out talented acts that are sure to satisfy any bass head.


Aside from GRIM and other events such as bringing heavyweight Dodge & Fuski to San Jose, Flantline has a big event planned for their One Year Anniversary. Teaming up with Organic Events, both crews are headed near Yosemite National Park. Their goal with this festival is to do something that has never been done before.


Sam: With Organic, we decided we want to offer cost effective solution for every festival goer in California, while keeping tickets just under $100 while not jeopardizing talent. We wanted to be the first festival in California to unite the different bass music scenes and not just promote west coast bass music, we want to promote dubstep, we are also promoting a bass heavy rap artist known as Zion I. Attendees can expect a festival experience that they've never felt before. They can expect to make great friends as well as be exposed to new types of bass music and sub-genres of bass music like, deep dubstep, and lyric-less rap beats.They can also expect some of the highest level of production that can be achieved with the budget of this festival. We've already begun hand building our stages and we will bring intense projection mapping as well as a sound system that should top every ones expectations.

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It's clear to see such a refreshing vibe with Flatline and everyone involved. People can honestly take a lot out of the practices from Sam at Flatline. It's beyond exciting to meet someone who is actively wanting to change the scene for the better and the passion clearly shows. Thank you again for this and for all updates, follow their socials below!

Flatline Events on Facebook
Organic Events on Facebook

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