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There’s Now A Platform DJs Can Video Stream Their Sessions

Chew co-founder Wi Benton says that Chew is “a platform where DJs can learn from one another, enjoy each other's music and share it with the world.”

Unlike other platforms out there for DJing, Chew emphasises the video streaming rather than the music streaming platform. Chew's main focus is the “million professional DJs around the world, and millions more amateurs.”

In addition to the live streaming sets, Chew also has forums where you can discuss DJIng with your peers.

Paul Smith of Ignite100 said:

[pull_quote_center]”There are a lot of parallels with, which essentially allowed gamers to follow other gamers and learn how to play. Because streams are in-vision, there are also amateurs learning from professionals – it’s not just listening to music, it’s also about learning how the set was produced.”[/pull_quote_center]

One may be asking, what is the legality of a platform like this, while Benton says the startup is “licensed and legal to the fullest extent.”

Head over to Chew to see the platform for yourself.

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