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PUMP & OMG Audio: Better Than Beats?

As a bit of an audiophile, I have owned premium headphones from Sennheiser, Bose, Beats, and V-MODA. All of them have very distinct characteristics from brand to brand and model to model. However, Adam Blair, founder of PUMP & OMG Audio has developed an in-ear headphone that aspires to produce ‘perfect' sound quality. Now, before we have a battle of people that love and hate Beats by Dre Headphones and get into long and drawn out debates about Apple… when I bought my Beats, they really weren't that bad. I will say that I definitely prefer my V-MODA headphones but that is getting away from the intent of this article. I digress.

To give potential customers a hands on experience of the superior quality, PUMP & OMG Audio brought a “Battle Bus” around to music festivals and events to let people compare their models to the other similar brands. Also to remember, they are comparing their in-ear models to other in-ear models, not on or over-ear. Since then, they have also started a kickstarter campaign to raise money for patents and other necessities of the company. Over 1,000 units have already been sold and shipped and seem to be getting some great reviews from consumers and musicians alike.

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Now, for the technical stuff and pricing.

There are two different models, PUMP and OMG, which come in a few different colors. Pump has a frequency range of 16-24,000 hz, a sensitivity of 102 dB (+/- 3 dB), and an impedance of 18 ohms. OMG has a 20-20,000 hz frequency range, 93 dB (+/- 3 dB) sensitivity, and also impedance of 18 ohms. Both of these models are passive noise isolation and weigh less than 15 grams. Also, they have a 5 year free replacement warranty! Plus (They just keep going), if you end up not being completely in love with them for the first six months, then they will give you a full refund. PUMP has a retail price of £99 ($151.96 USD) and OMG has a retail price of £79 ($121.26 USD). HOWEVER! If you support their kickstarter HERE you can get PUMP for £32 ($49.12 USD), OMG for £27 ($41.44 USD) or both for £49 ($75.20 USD).

That all being said, they seem to be worth a try. Check out their video below!

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