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Snow Dayy: An Interview with James Egbert on his Side Project.


James Egbert is a well known dj/producer based out of Denver CO. Egbert, known for his high engergy electro thumping beats, has launched a side project with his brother John Egbert called Snow Dayy. The Egbert brothers released a track called The Tunnel on James' own label Fuzion Muzik. I am a huge fan of J.E. and everything he does, he is one of the most down to earth people in the Music Industry. I had a chance to ask James about what Snow Dayy is and the direction this new creative outlet is going. Check out the Egbert boys new track The Tunnel, available for download below.

What is Snow Dayy?
For those of us who live in an area of the world that receives snowfall in the winter, we know that a snowstorm has the potential of really shutting things down. I grew up in Dallas and Huntington Beach and really only experienced being snowed in for the first time when I moved to Colorado in 2006, but now I love it. Snow Dayy is a break from the norm. School gets cancelled or you can't make it into the office for work, and suddenly everything becomes bliss while you're forced out of the comfort of your routine-based life.

Brittany Egbert now John… Clearly you come from a musically talented family. What is it like to make music with your family?
Making music with my family is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I get to have. My brother is largely responsible for my interest in electronic music in the first place and has continued to be my personal sounding board during my career as he's been someone whose musical and personal opinions I can trust to have the right intentions. We've been among the closest people to each other for the entirety of our lives, and since he moved to Denver in 2008, there hasn't ever been more than about a week or two that we haven't seen each other and shared our love of music in some sort of capacity. Another fun fact about making music with my family: my wife Cara and I recorded the vocals for “The Tunnel”, and I imagine you'll be hearing more of her voice at some point in the future of Snow Dayy.

This opens up a new world of creative possabilities. What genres of music can we expect from Snow Dayy?
That was really the initial idea behind Snow Dayy, in that I've been writing such a single-tracked style of music over the past few years (as James Egbert) and there's so much different music that I want to write. The concept of Snow Dayy stems from the idea of me breaking from my production norm, or at least the norm that I allow the public to perceive. Snow is chill, deep, lush, and I think these are general musical terms that you'll hear from Snow Dayy in the future. I didn't want The Tunnel to specifically set the precedent that Snow Dayy is liquid dnb or anything like that. I think it's a great song to embark with because of all the material that we're currently sitting on, it provided the best introduction for my fans to this new project that isn't entirely what they think they know about me as a producer and an artist. Of our unreleased material, the majority of it will be getting back to where our mutual love of EDM began in Deep House. Neither of us are attempting to make Snow Dayy our full time Jobs, so we're not taking genres too seriously, but we will be staying on the deeper and more chill side of things.

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