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TomorrowWorld Reveals This Year’s Incredible Main Stage Set Design
TomorrowWorld Reveals This Year’s Incredible Main Stage Set Design

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TomorrowWorld Lifts The Camelbak Ban


Festival safety has been quite the hot discussion topic lately. This year Electric Zoo decided to ban CamelBak water packs in an effort to help deter people from bringing in illicit materials. “We determined the safest way for fans to hydrate during the concert is by using the free cups provided at our high-speed water stations positioned throughout the festival,” stated Electric Zoo. “Any drink containers purchased inside the venue can also be used at these water stations without charge.”

As TomorrowWorld released their “what's allowed list,” festival goers quickly noticed their decision in banning CamelBaks as well. Fans began a petition on in an attempt to lift the ban. The petition was successful as ID&T responded today by stating that they have decided to reverse their Camelbak ban. Smart move ID&T.

TomorrowWorld Camelbak Ban

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