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Party Favor Brings Us Back To “2012” With Latest Single

Back in the Tomorrowworld days, I stumbled across a stage in the woods and was taken aback by a sound that I had not yet been exposed to. I sat on a small hill beside the stage and felt a tingling sensation sent from my nose to my eardrums. Weird description I know. I’m not 100% sure if that was the exact sensation but it was a while ago. I turned to ask a lovely lady who I was watching, “Party Favor”.

Fast forward a few years and here we are. Party Favor has burst onto the electronic music scene with headlining sets around the world. He took the trap snars and drove em straight to the top, locking up residencies at some of the top rated clubs in the USA. The page turned to 2019, and what did Party Favor decide to do? Take us back to “2012”

Party Favor Drops 2012

Ever dump an espresso on your chest? Yeah, me neither. But espresso’s are hot. Don’t @ me with the “Well, Marc, what about if you have a chilled espresso?” STOP! STOP! STOP! My Portuguese grandfather would slap you across the face. Not sure he even knows there is such thing as Iced Coffee. Anyways, this song makes you move like you had just spilled espresso on yourself. Without the pain, but, with the burning. The burning sensation of an expensive hot beverage burning through the hairs on your chest. The track is an under the radar massive release that will keep you moving throughout the winter months with a warm sensation tingling through your heart.
Peep Party Favor’s “2012” here!

Photo Cred: RUKES
Photo Cred: RUKES

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