Ah the sweet sound of the saxophone. For some reason this instrument which was once a staple of blues and jazz has found its way into the world of dance music. It seems to blend flawlessly with bass kicks and synths when either played live or when it is synthetic. Griz and Big Gigantic have taken the route of performing with a live instrument during shows, but other artists involved in the list below have sampled, used synthetic and electric saxophones as well. It is an awesome thing when genres clash and new styles are born. The fact that there is now electro-funk and electro-soul is incredible. The use of the Saxophone has been pivotal in the EDM landscape, as its not only brings a sound that non-edm-lovers are familiar with to help with their transition, but also legitimizes the musical talent needed to be a successful producer. I have included most tracks through Soundcloud but also had to include a few of my personal favorites with youtube videos. Yes one of these songs actually features a trumpet (I am not going to say which one), and I am sure I am dropping the ball forgetting some obvious entries so please comment below with your favorite sax song! Remember when it comes to Sax…you never have to use protection.

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