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TBMA’s Creative Enterprise As Producers



On May 9th, the up and coming producing trio, TBMA, took Webster Hall's main stage by storm. The group consists of seasoned musicians Joey Fisher, Kyle Meagher, and Chris Curran. TBMA had the crowd going absolutely insane with their diverse set comprised of dubstep, electro, trap, and mashups. Not only did TBMA have excellent song selection, but the guys also brought an intense energy to the crowd with every song. The trio played their originals as well as remixes that the audience went mad for. TBMA interacted with their captivated fans, reaching out and touching the hands of many. The set that TBMA played showcased their talent as performers and producers.

Anyone who was at Webster Hall that night could clearly tell that these guys were extremely talented, on the verge of becoming widely popular, but how did TBMA reach this point of success?

Before the show, I had the opportunity of asking TBMA about what goes on behind the scenes when making music, and how the trio has reached the point they are at now as musicians.

“We write what we want to write, we don't focus on genres. I believe there isn't a strict formula to anything.”
TBMA speaks of writing as more of a creative enterprise that has no rules or boundaries. “Artistically when we write it's kinda just what we want to do, we don't go by what's popular, we just go by how we're feeling at the time, and if it happens to be house or trap at the time then we will write that, but we tend to stick with our style.”

Although EDM has become more mainstream, TBMA focuses on producing tracks that appeals first to them before trying to please a crowd. The most genuine music is created in this way, and their creativity is apparent in their sound.

“[EDM] its becoming more mainstream, more of the top 40 kind of thing so that has helped us in the past three years. If you turn on the radio you'll hear a lot more EDM, even EDM tied into pop songs. It's becoming more marketable in that sense…”

There is also a debate about which EDM genres have the most potential to become popular. TBMA believes that “house, electro, trap, and bigroom are the genres that are really popular today, bigroom is cool, but when DJs play an hour set of big room it can get a little repetative”.

So aside from being talented, how has TBMA reached this point in their career? They say it's all about the work ethic.

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“We are very lucky, we got hit up by a label and an agency within six months of releasing two tracks. Not that many people get that, but what it really comes down to is the hard work we put into this. We just wrote the best tunes we could and hoped for the best and that's kind of the same thing we do now. For us its just been grinding. We have dreamed of playing at Webster Hall for three years and now here we are.”

TBMA is proof that hard work definitely pays off. They also gave some advice for starting producers, saying,
“Just write, just do your thing. Write music, put stuff out there for people to hear. Work. That's all it comes down to. That's kind of all we ever did. We are all very grateful for everything that has happened to us.”

What does TBMA plan to be doing in the future?
“Doing this full time, touring 24/7”


Clearly these guys have a bright future ahead of them, and if you haven't already heard their sound check out their SoundCloud!

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