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Interview with Super 8 & Tab [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Leading the Scandinavian Trance revolution is Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus, also known as Super 8 & Tab. This Trance duo has released many hit tracks since teaming up back in 2005 such as Your Secret's Safe, Awakenings, L.A. and many more. They played massive events such as Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Global Gathering, ASOT 550 Den Bosch, ASOT 600 in Kuala Lumpur, and numerous club gigs in Ibiza, Canada, the UK, and their home country of Finland .We had a chance to interview them at Sutra ,in OC, during their “The Way You Want” North American Tour Phase 1.

EDM Sauce: At the beginning of your career, what made you drop your solo acts and become the dynamic trance duo that you are today?
Super 8 & Tab: Well it all started one Summer day when we decided to go to the studio and try to do something together because we both released tracks on the same label, Anjunabeats, and worked next door to each other in the same studio building. We did First Aid and then we were mmm there’s something going on, we need to do another one, and then we did “Helsinki Scorchin” and that really changed everything. It was so much fun and something new happened.

EDM Sauce: So you started “The Way You Want” North American Tour and us at EDM Sauce want to know what to do you to prepare for a tour?
Super 8 & Tab: Basically we work in the studio and prepare new tracks all the time its like constantly preparing for the next shows and doing New Music. And we play of Clash of Clans!

EDM Sauce: First time I ever saw you guys play was at EDC 2012 when you played until after the sunrise. What is your favorite massive festival and why?
Super 8 & Tab: It’s hard to pick one but that EDC 2012 the sunrise set, that was special. It was magical when the sun came up from the mountains and there was like 40,000 people on the stage. Production wise and all the people there dressed up… everything was unbelievable! We were mixing and Miika got stuck looking at the horizon mesmerized. The energy was great and this year again it was perfect.

EDM Sauce: You have remixed BT’s “Surrounded” and we want to know if he is an inspiration to your music? If not BT, who else are your other influences?
Super 8 & Tab: Well BT is one of our heroes. The tracks that he did in 1997vand 1998…they were something else. Over the years we would say Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten.

EDM Sauce: Has trance always been your passion and what pulled you in to the EDM genre?
Super 8 & Tab: You know… we are not that young anymore. I don’t know if it was even called Trance at the time we started our careers. At that time everything was called Techno.

EDM Sauce: What can we expect from you in the future? Are you working on a new album or a new collaboration?
Super 8 & Tab: There is a collaboration coming up called Appraisal and its with one of our all time favorite artists. And that is as much as we can say for now.

EDM Sauce: Lastly we wanted to congratulate you both for recently becoming fathers of two baby daughters. How has it affected your lives and work schedule?
Super 8 & Tab: Now we just want to go home every chance we get. Instead of staying in between sets, we travel back more so we can spend as much time as we can. Nothing has changed… but everything has changed. Parenting is very similar to the DJ lifesyle. It has definitely helped us prepare for it.

Super 8 & Tab

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