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EDM News to be Closed, Focus Being Added to

Earlier this morning, the team at had sent out an email to all of the sites users. Within this email, they stated that will be shut down as of September 23. The email goes on to state that “the team has refocused on a new version of, coming in October.” With this information, we can only hope that with the resources at hand and the dedication of those involved will be able to revive the dwindling flame of turntable.

What exactly was Piki, what was their goal? In short, this website was an ad free way to share music with your friends. Users would “pick” songs via YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. and they would stream to their followers in a fashion similar to Pandora or iHeartRadio. The music would stream to the listener and could skip from an EDM song to Country on a whim. There was endless possibility to discover New Music, which was the goal. Discover new music.

On a personal note, I have been around for both services ( and since both of their launches. They are both fantastic services that support the goal of discovering new music. Turntable also has a very strong scene of community I have yet to see in other websites. If you want to check out turntable, just click HERE.

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