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Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of April 30th)

Hello mai friends, it's that time again. I've been mad busy trying to graduate (last week of class yesssssssssssss!!!!), so this week I might have been unfairly biased toward songs that were full of bounce and the joy of a prison escape. As usual I was not disappointed with this week's findings, and included below are tracks ranging from dubstep to progressive to Jamaican electro-pop. #FuckYeaSummer

Thanks again to all the hardworking artists who submitted their work for us to critique!

1) Armin van Buuren Feat. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like (Moiez Remix)
As a dedicated fan of AVB, it's usually a mistake for djs to send me their remixes, because I'm so addicted to the original. Not so in this case, where Moiez has given new life and a new direction to the song.

2) Krewella – Come And Get It (Razihel Remix)
Razihel is killing it lately – his remixes are right on target, and he never fails to deliver sick, filthy dub that will make your heart beat to a new rhythm.

3) Quadro and M!k – Black Beast
With an uplifting melody, powerful bassline and a monster drop, who wouldn't like this track?

4) Televisor – Starlight (Tut Tut Child Remix)
So much elec-tro. Love the growling Synth and mindscraping bass. Free download!

5) Rage Island (HellFire Bootleg)
Sadly, one of my general rules is that I never, never, ever consider bootlegs. Usually they are an almost exact copy of the original track and it just seems like a cheap way to get noticed. However – I really liked this one. So there.

6)Narga & Bryski – Welcome To The Carnival (Original Mix)
With EDC around the corner, Narga & Bryski took it upon themselves to create their own anthem for the festival. While this isn't what I would pick for my personal anthem, I definitely was attracted to its beat progression and flow.

7) Melvv – Rain
Someday I will stop being addicted to progressive house tracks. But not today. This simple melody would be the perfect soundtrack to a day at the lake, followed by fireworks. I dig it.

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8) Felix Da Housecat – Sinner Winner (Lets Be Friends Remix)
You know how you like a song and then someone remixes it and it sounds almost exactly the same? Yea well this isn't like that. One because I never really liked the original, and two because LBF has taken this song to an insanely hard electro place which is totally different and new.

9) Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Hot Mouth & The Frederik Edit)
Now that the original is wildly, ridiculously overplayed to the point that its engrained into the very fiber of your being, you can begin digesting the onslaught of remixes. I recommend this one as an excellent starting point.

10) Big Bass and Mr. Lem – We Love de Vibez
Imagine maple syrup mixed with rum, and you come close to the ridiculous fun that Canadian duo Big Bass and Mr.Lem (an up and coming Jamaican artist) are bringing to the table.

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