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Drake Scorpion

Stream Drake’s New Album ‘Scorpion’ on Spotify and Apple Music

While dance music has had some incredible releases today, everyone is talking about Drake's hit new double album Scorpion. The album is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. The new double album features...

REZZ and 1788-L Release New Track

Up and coming artist 1788-L and beloved artist REZZ released their new joint track today, H E X. This collaboration really allows listeners to know who worked on what, making it the perfect collaboration, says...

Spotify Cancels Hateful Conduct Policy As It Was Near Impossible To Implement

A few weeks ago Spotify started to remove artist's music from its curated playlists for their behavior in their lives outside of music. R. Kelly was one artist removed from playlists due to his...

Artist Steals and Uploads Unreleased Avicii Songs To Spotify

Just one month ago we all had to say goodbye to Avicii. His legacy will live on forever, yet he was taken from this earth too soon. Despite the tragic news, this hasn't stopped...

Calvin Harris Is Now The 5th Most Streamed Artist In The World On Spotify

Calvin Harris is the most successful DJ in the game right now. He has been the highest paid DJ in the world for five years running now and continues to break the music industry...

Spotify Launches Redesigned App For Free Users

During Spotify's event in New York City today, Spotify revealed a redesigned app experience for 90 million free customers. The Spotify redesign marks the first major change to Spotify's free tier since 2014. With...
Spotify Avicii

Spotify’s This Is Avicii Playlist Updated To Reflect His Passing

Earlier this morning, we received the news of Avicii's passing. At just 28 years of age, Avicii passed away. Shortly after his passing, Spotify updated the official "This Is Avicii" Spotify playlist stating "Thank...

Spotify Launches New Bundle Deal With Hulu In The US

Today, Spotify is launching a new bundle in the United States, in collaboration with TV-on-demand service Hulu. The streaming music company announced that 'Spotify Premium with Hulu' will now cost users $12.99 per month....

Spotify’s Rumored Smart Speaker Could Be Released This Month

Two months ago, Spotify posted a job which lead us to believe that the world's largest streaming music service was in the process of building a smart speaker. Since going public earlier this month,...

Spotify CEO Quotes Daft Punk As Company Goes Public

Spotify went public yesterday through a direct listing forgoing the initial public offering route. While the stock price crashed pretty damn hard, it has started to rebound a bit today. The Swedish company is...

Sponsored Up & Coming

Rising Producer Snavs Releases New Track “Epoch”

If you know me, you know I love a good bass track. I love it even more when and up-and-coming-artist really stands out from...

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