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Spotify Has A Copyright Troll Issue and They Aren’t Doing Anything About It

Do you remember when a SoundCloud user reported a riddim's producer's songs which resulted in his entire catalog being taken down? Today, Spotify is facing something similar, but even more tedious.

As thousands of musicians and record labels make a living off of their curated Spotify playlists, Spotify allows copyright trolls to reign within the platform.

What are copyright trolls doing within the platform?

Currently, Spotify will takedown copyright claimed material and will give the playlist curators 5 days to respond or they will risk their entire account to be terminated. While Spotify has made it clear that you must have the proper rights to an image before using it as your playlist image, Spotify does not ask questions when someone decides to troll the platform. Instead, Spotify will remove the playlist without question and will let you appeal the decision later. Despite the curator's successful appeal and having the playlist reinstated, Spotify will allow copyright trolls the ability to report copyright infringements repeatedly.

Spotify Copyright Troll

As you can see from the screenshot above, this Spotify user has been targeted by a Spotify copyright troll. Even though they created their own image, playlist title & description, Spotify allows people the ability to report false accusations which results in an immediate Spotify playlist removal of the image and playlist title.

In fact, if you do a search for “deleted my playlist” on Spotify right now, you can see a number of the people that have complained about Spotify deleting their playlist, some of which have garnered thousands of followers.

Spotify deleted my playlist

As many of you may be wondering, Spotify still has no response to this issue.


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