Update: SoundCloud reported they have been in contact with all of the artists as soon as the problems occurred. “Our copyright team has been working with affected creators since the incident began.” SoundCloud also mentioned that that they are happy to report that they have reinstated all affected content.

The bass community, more specifically the Riddim community, is watching some of its best talents get annihilated today as a rogue account has started to get dozens of tracks pulled from the streaming platform. An account, known only as DR EGG, is submitting a litany of copyright infringement tickets to Soundcloud. The streaming platform is pulling tons of music from the likes of Subtronics, Mastadon, Ubur, SVDDEN DEATH, Xaebor, and many more without question.

These disputes happen regularly on Soundcloud, but usually, the company is quick to rectify the errors.

The account, whose picture is only that of Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic The Hedgehog series is leaving angsty and bizarre comments on many of the producers which have been victims of the attack.

We hope that the music is restored and this account can be banned, or else Soundcloud may finally have lost the support from one of its most supportive communities.

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