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Facebook Shared Private User Messages and Other User Data With Spotify

Facebook granted major companies such as Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, and Sony far more exceptions to its privacy policies than previously known.

The loopholes, which has been reported by the New York Times, suggests that Facebook bent its own rules to keep valuable partnerships. Apparently, Facebook gave Spotify and Netflix the ability to read its users' private messages, it gave Microsoft, Sony, and Amazon the ability to obtain email addresses of their users' friends, and it gave Apple the ability to build special features that plugged into the social network.

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Facebook said “None of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people’s permission, nor did they violate our 2012 settlement with the FTC.”

Spotify was given access to read, write, and delete private messages on the Facebook place. That access was given to allow companies to build their own implementations of a private message feature.

The New York Times also wrote “The exchange was intended to benefit everyone. Pushing for explosive growth, Facebook got more users, lifting its advertising revenue. Partner companies acquired features to make their products more attractive.”

With the fallout of Cambridge Analytica and now the privacy of its user's private messages, what will come out of this lack of trust from Facebook in the future?

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