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Discovery Project EDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas Announces The Discovery Project Winners

Insomniac Events has just announced the 15 winners of the Discovery Project for EDC Las Vegas 2014! These artists won the opportunity to spin at a special Discovery Project stage at EDC Las Vegas and...
EDC is Searching For The King and Queen of EDC Las Vegas

Insomniac Is Turning EDC Into Prom, Searching For a King and Queen

In rather strange news today, Insomniac Events announced that they are searching for this year's "King and Queen" of EDC Las Vegas. "The King and Queen will uphold the values of EDC and spread...
EDC Las Vegas 2014 Lineup

Insomniac Is Testing The Live Stream For EDC Las Vegas

Today the internet has discovered a link to a private YouTube video labeled "EDC CH1." While this may not mean much to you, the video appears to be a testing video on InsomniacEvents' official...
EDC Las Vegas 2014 Lineup

EDC Las Vegas 2014 Lineup Has Been Announced

Back on May 5th, Pasquale Rotella said that one of his goals in life has been to give back what he was lucky enough to receive from the early 90's Los Angeles underground scene,...
15 Photos From EDC Orlando 2013

EDC Las Vegas 2014 Shuttle Pass Tickets, Pickup Locations

If you haven't planned out your EDC Las Vegas trip in 2014 yet, don't worry as EDM Sauce will be making the Ultimate On The Road To EDC Las Vegas 2014 Information list. Don't...
Leaked Pictures: Kinetic Field and Basscon Stages at EDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas Time Lapse Video

I have heard this time and time again, "Electric Daisy Carnival it's all about the experience". With that being said, watch the crew start with the bare Las Vegas Motor Speedway and turn...

EDC Las Vegas 2013 Live Sets

EDC Las Vegas has come and gone and what an amazing 3 days it was. For all of you who got to experience this event you would agree that this one of the top...
EDC Las Vegas 2013 Lineup Has Been Announced!

EDC Radio on Sirius XM

For those of us who do not get to experience EDC first hand this weekend and still want to hear the awesome sets that are being pumped through Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sirus XM...
EDC Scheduler

EDC Las Vegas Scheduler Is Now Live

The EDC Las Vegas scheduler is now available via ElectricDaisyCarnival.com! Now you can plan out your entire weekend for this year's Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. Once you add the artists you want to...
Dash Berlin & Alexander Popov feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Steal You Away (Official EDC Preview)

Leaked Pictures: Kinetic Field and Basscon Stages at EDC Las Vegas

As EDC Las Vegas goers anxiously wait for the EDC Las Vegas lineup, we have two leaked pictures of what look to be the Kinetic Field as well as the Basscon stage for this...

Sponsored Up & Coming

Kayp Turns Up the Intensity with Head Smashing Bass Record

What is going on Dance Music Fans?! You know we are all about bringing you the best in up and coming artists, new music,...

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