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Spotify Cancels Hateful Conduct Policy As It Was Near Impossible To Implement

A few weeks ago Spotify started to remove artist's music from its curated playlists for their behavior in their lives outside of music. R. Kelly was one artist removed from playlists due to his...

Artist Steals and Uploads Unreleased Avicii Songs To Spotify

Just one month ago we all had to say goodbye to Avicii. His legacy will live on forever, yet he was taken from this earth too soon. Despite the tragic news, this hasn't stopped...

Spotify Begins Removing Artist’s Music For ‘Hateful Conduct’

Spotify has implemented a new policy, and it could send shockwaves through the digital streaming service's fanbase. It has officially begun removing artist's music who are implicated for what the tech giant refers to...

Calvin Harris Is Now The 5th Most Streamed Artist In The World On Spotify

Calvin Harris is the most successful DJ in the game right now. He has been the highest paid DJ in the world for five years running now and continues to break the music industry...
Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix Rips Apart Fake Artists Uploading His Unreleased Music To Spotify Accounts

Spotify is by far the largest digital streaming service available in music today. The platform has helped artists take their releases from the non-monetized Soundcloud platform and allowed them to begin to profit (albeit,...

Spotify Launches Redesigned App For Free Users

During Spotify's event in New York City today, Spotify revealed a redesigned app experience for 90 million free customers. The Spotify redesign marks the first major change to Spotify's free tier since 2014. With...
Spotify Avicii

Spotify’s This Is Avicii Playlist Updated To Reflect His Passing

Earlier this morning, we received the news of Avicii's passing. At just 28 years of age, Avicii passed away. Shortly after his passing, Spotify updated the official "This Is Avicii" Spotify playlist stating "Thank...

How To Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services online with good reason. While it is the most popular and is constantly being upgraded, Spotify does happen to endure bugs from time to time....

Spotify Error Code 3

Spotify users have often referred to get the Spotify Error Code 3 on occasion. While it's a common issue, there are plenty of ways to solve this error of incorrect username or passwords. In...

Change Spotify Username

When you sign up for Spotify, many users want the ability to change Spotify usernames. While you can connect your Facebook account to your profile, Spotify has made it very clear that you can't...

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Chris Valencia Release New Groove Club Banger

Whats going on dance music community? We hope you're doing well this incredible Saturday. As you know we are your #1 electronic dance music...

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