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I helped Stevo co-found edmsauce and I review all artist submissions and our twitter. Both my parents are musicians and are consistently humiliated by the fact that I play piano and guitar with one hand. Originally from North Carolina. Likes: Books. Music. Spiced tea. Japan (I lived there). Austria (I lived there too). Languages. Technology. Engineering. Poetry. Music. Haikyo. Maple leaves. Windy days. Anthropomorphism. Old Sweaters. Campfires. Dislikes: Sitting in chairs. Hoarding. You can check out my favorite tracks and playlists on my Soundcloud.


You might have noticed that I am obsessed with chillstep, downtempo, future garage, ambient, and all variations of this genre. Or not. But if...


We love when artists release music for free, especially talented artists like David Solano. His latest track Hercules is an electro house anthem that...