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I helped Stevo co-found edmsauce and I review all artist submissions and our twitter. Both my parents are musicians and are consistently humiliated by the fact that I play piano and guitar with one hand. Originally from North Carolina. Likes: Books. Music. Spiced tea. Japan (I lived there). Austria (I lived there too). Languages. Technology. Engineering. Poetry. Music. Haikyo. Maple leaves. Windy days. Anthropomorphism. Old Sweaters. Campfires. Dislikes: Sitting in chairs. Hoarding. You can check out my favorite tracks and playlists on my Soundcloud.

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This week, the W Union Square launched a very innovative concept, the ‘Just Missed You' Suite. “Just Missed You” suites feature items that would...

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Warning: If you are very in love with the typical Seven Lions style of gorgeous melodic dubstep and are not open to other genres,...