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Hip-Hop DJ Belal Awad Seeks Inspiration from his Fans

DJ Belal Awad, has been tearing up clubs from Miami to Hollywood Hills. It has been a dream come true for DJ Belal to rise to such great heights after growing up listening to Hiphop music. There is no single source of inspiration for DJ Belal since he draws inspiration from movies, TV, and nature. In a sense, I feel like an HipHop sous-chef, mixing beats and melodies to create a delicious dish for your eardrums.” He says he is always searching for new sounds he can blend together.

Among his greatest passions is capturing the hearts of his fans. Every HipHop scene is filled with fans and admirers who connect with the pulse of the music, which runs parallel to the beat bumping and creates an electronic wave that can be felt by everyone present. Dj Belal says that this art form is hard to describe, it has to be experienced. According to him, success can be defined not as monetary gains, but by peace and purpose aligned, which creates an unwavering satisfaction that not everyone has experienced. 


There is little surprise hip-hop and other genres have fused in recent years, offering a visceral collage of music worldwide that encompasses all artistic perspectives, including hip-hop and pop-fusion. Belal acknowledges that his style has been open to change as life presents new challenges and experiences. He commented, “As life presents me with new challenges and experiences, I use these key moments in my life to draw inspiration from my music which is always evolving the same as life.”


The majority of hiphop DJs say that they love working in an empty studio or having a blank canvas to work with when they are in the studio. Several producers believe that even the fact that you are running a sample before starting to produce can be a distraction to the overall creative process, and this can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the final product. I believe that the key to understanding music is to realize that it is derived from the emotions that surround it. There are a number of tracks that may be recorded during a recording session, depending on the overall mood and feeling of the session as well as the overall feeling and mood of the artist just before the recording session begins.


It has been announced that DJ Belal will release a number of new projects and singles in addition to a new album in the year 2023. His fans can rest assured that he will continue to tour around the world for years to come, inspiring them and bringing them joy and love.

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