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Here is the EDM Sauce EDC Orlando 2019 Preparation Guide

Headliners, EDC Orlando 2019 is officially two weeks away and there is so much excitement in the air. This year's event is officially expected to be bigger than ever with more stages, more space, and more days! There are so many surprises in store and you definitely don't want to miss out.

In preparation for this special music festival, we are officially giving you our annual EDC Orlando Prep Guide. If you are a pro raver, then you may already know how to prepare for the festival. If you are a new raver, then this guide will absolutely help you to get ready.

Comfortable Clothing
There is a reason why this tip is usually the first on our prep guides. If you wear uncomfortable clothing then you will certainly have a horrible time. Typically, in Orlando, the weather is pretty warm during this time of year, so hot clothing will not be necessary. Shorts and tank tops are usually the go-to basic outfit to wear if you aren't into wearing rave clothing. Make sure to pack three different outfits now that the festival will be taking place for three days!

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Pick Your Set Times
Set times have not been released as of yet, but stay tuned to find out when they do. It is still important to point this out prior to their release. Make sure that you check out the set times and create a schedule as to who you plan to see during the event. It is especially important that you do so before going to the festival! Normally, there isn't much cell phone service at the event due to a large number of people who attend. Pick your times and stick to them! You do not want to miss out on the performances of your favorite artists. Until the set times are released, you can check out the line up here.

Pick a Meet Up Spot With Your Rave Squad
Surely, every raver has been there! When you and your rave squad are clashing about who to see next, this usually leads you all to separate from each other. Of course, you have to find a way back to each other somehow. You won't be able to rely on your cell phone due to a lack of cell service. This is why it is extremely important that you choose a meetup spot and stick with it! Changing the spot every so often can lead some of the members of your squad to become confused, possibly even leading them to stand at a spot you all chose prior. Choose one spot and commit to it. Everyone should get back together in one piece. In addition, this will help to prevent stress from occurring when trying to find each other.

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Wear Sunblock and Deodorant
You will be walking around the sun and its miserable heat throughout the majority of the festival, so make sure to wear sunblock and deodorant! You do not want to come home after the weekend with a nasty yet painful sunburn, so sunblock is tremendously important. As for the deodorant, you do not want your armpits to smell up. This will lead everyone around you to have a negative experience and you to feel uncomfortable.

Stay Hydrated
Free water stations will be provided for headliners to have a comfortable experience. Make sure to drink enough water at the festival. This will prevent you from having a heat stroke and will save you a trip to the medical tent. Bring a Hydration Pack! You can go to your local Target or Walmart and purchase one for cheap. Hydration packs will save you so many trips to the water station and, plus, they are convenient! If there are specific hydration packs that you recommend, let your fellow headliners know in the comments below.

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Memorize the Locations of the Closest Medical Tents
Anything can happen at EDC Orlando, especially when you least expect it. In case you or any of your friends are in an emergency health situation, you will know where to go for help. It is important to share that there is no need to feel embarrassed going into a medical tent even if you may not know if there is anything wrong with you at all. Medical officers are there to help no matter how they can.

Is there anything else that we are missing that should be added to our list? Let us know in the comments below.

You can purchase your EDC Orlando pass here.

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