It seems like we just can't get enough of ODESZA. Last year, they released their deluxe edition of “A Moment Apart”, which blew us away with new tracks and remixes we weren't expecting. Now, ODESZA is spoiling us with even more A Moment Apart Remixes.

On this six-track EP, we get remixes from MEMBA, ford., Chet Porter and more. All of these remixes are beautiful in their own way and have made me fall in love with this album all over again. Running Touch's remix of “Late Night” keeps the signature beat we all know and love, and adds dreamy vocals and stronger beats. Kodak To Graph somehow makes “Divide” even more beautiful by adding nature soundscapes and stripping the song down.

I personally love to hear different artists takes on tracks because it really lets everyone's style stand out while bringing a new flare to tracks we know and love. If you want to rediscover all the tracks you know and love, take a listen below.

Listen to “A Moment Apart” Remixes here: