Yesterday Odesza teased the release of a Deluxe version of their Grammy-nominated album A Moment Apart. The teaser video, like most things created by Odesza, contained an air of transcendent realism. Harrison and Clay pay such close attention to every detail in their projects, that they are able to elevate the natural world around us to a mystical realm. The teaser was great, but what really made headlines was the new VIP remix they released this morning.

The guys dropped a gorgeous rework of a glorious record off of their 2014 effort In Return. The VIP mix of ‘It's Only' contained a more sturdy, driving beat. Odesza was able to increase the intensity of the track without having its core beauty be lost.

Today we finally get a chance to hear the full deluxe version of A Moment Apart and it is nothing short of perfection.

Odesza – A Moment Apart: Deluxe Edition

Tantalizing VIP Mixes

The deluxe version of the album contains nine additional tracks on a separate second disc. The second disc starts off with the guy's latest original release, ‘Loyal' which had only been heard at live shows for several years, first debuting at their Coachella performance in 2015.

The second track on the new disc is by far the most exciting track featured on the Deluxe album. The track, a VIP remix of ‘Memories That You Call' by Odesza and Golden Features. This remix was first debuted over a year ago at Odesza's Red Rock's show in 2017. It takes the upbeat, happy little track and flips it into a dark, industrial, borderline ominous showstopper.

I remember seeing the remix for the first time, and the crowd reaction will most likely stick in my mind forever. It was almost a panic that the song changed so abruptly, then everyone collectively lost their minds.

Acoustic Reprises

The next few tracks on the Deluxe version of A Moment Apart are recreations of some of the biggest hits off of the original release. ‘Falls', ‘Higher Ground' and naturally ‘Line of Sight' are redone featuring much more live instrumentation.

The more acoustic-oriented reprises are breathtaking. Specifically, the reprise of ‘Higher Ground' will leave the listener floating. After over a year of nonstop touring, this special edition album is a serious gift from Odesza.

The new VIP mixes as well as ‘Loyal' hint that Odesza is moving towards a heavy production focus for their next album. One that is powerful, assertive, and incredibly exciting. Check out the full version of the LP below.

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