Drawing inspiration from the likes of XXYYXX, Gorillaz, and Machinedrum, Ark Patrol’s sound is familiar yet saturated with individuality in the alternative electronic music scene.  2018 was a relativity quiet year for the producer, as he was gravely diagnosed with cancer, but he is now back with one of his strongest release to date via “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens)” and it's a true masterpiece. The mellow hybrid sounds of the single have a generally melancholy feel to them that are somewhat similar to early Bonobo but still distinct enough to set himself apart from the pack. Loved the use of acoustic guitar throughout this one, on top of the layered angelic vocals. Check out a quote from Ark Patrol below and under that stream “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens)”.

“The sounds from ‘Your Eyes’ originated as a bastion of peace amidst the heavier synth­distorted music I’d been writing during 2017. I like making songs that swim against the current and that was my intention with this song. It was originally supposed to
be a simple interlude but something within it stayed with me and over time resonated in such a way that I decided to develop it further, morphing it into a guitar­ driven track which seemed the logical conclusion coming from such a tranquil beginning.” – Ark Patrol