Ark Patrol has quickly become a household name in indie-electronic music. Hailing from Seattle, the XYYXX-influenced producer has been stealing hearts with his emotive soundscapes since 2012. His sonic creativity and delicate cadences are as touching as they are effervescent.

Overcoming Adversity

It was only last year that the musician was diagnosed with cancer, throwing a wrench in his creative vision. With the odds against him, Ark Patrol looked to the light within and ultimately overcame this grueling illness. Now, Inspiring the lives of many, Ark Patrol is a making steadfast return to his craft. “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away” is the second single to his forthcoming self-titled project.

In contrast to the lead single, which was an emotional piece, “Darling” dances around up-tempo melodies in a disco-tech fashion. Echoing vocals cascade atop a myriad of inviting frequencies. Stunning in every sense, Ark Patrol’s gains don’t stop here, as he was just inked as support for BAYNK’s North American Tour starting on February 22, only one day after he delivers his Ark Patrol LP. 2019 will be a year of triumph for Ark Patrol, stay tuned for more from Seattle’s finest.

Featured Photo Via: Nick Guzman

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