Nikademis hails from New York, real name Nick Liuzzi. The 19 year old DJ and producer discovered music after being hospitalized with a number of surgeries and hospital visits. His health fueled his desire to create new sounds at an astounding rate.

As Nikademis is working towards his signature sound, you can hear it with his latest release “Don't Promise Me.” For this release, Nikademis teamed up with no 1 knows to bring out a melodic instrumental type track.

The progressive tune will have you humming to its melodic progressive beats throughout the day. Nick has always wanted the music to have a message within it and to have no strict genre placed on it. This release feels like a personal song, an outlet for the person behind the music. The vocals are smooth and work with the vibe of the beat and although we are still unclear as to who is the singer, perhaps that only adds to this up and comer's mystique.

“Don't Promise Me” comes hard on the heels of “Catch Me” which gained him over 50k streams on Spotify. Stream “Don't Promise Me” below from EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records.