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Here are 5 Tips For a Memorable EDC Orlando 2018

EDC Orlando is less than a week away! That means it's time to start preparing for the ultimate experience at this year's event. If you are a first-year attendee, then you probably don't know what to expect. EDMSauce has got you covered! Here are our tips for making your experience a great one!

Stay hydrated.
There is a reason why we made this tip the first of many. Hydration is key when walking around a festival throughout most of the day. The unbearable sun and the huge crowds are guaranteed to cause you to become dehydrated. Luckily, EDC Orlando has your back when it comes to this. There will be plenty of hydration stands that will allow you to refill either a water bottle, a water canteen, or a Camelback. When your running low on water, make sure to stop at a stand near you as you walk from stage to stage. You will thank yourself later when you're in the middle of the crowd and your thirst begins to overwhelm you.

Wear comfortable Clothing.
This is also an important tip when going to the music festival. You don't want to wear covered up clothing, such as long sleeve shirts or jeans, because you are guaranteed to become dehydrated if you do. Wear cool clothing, such as shorts, a tank top, skirts, or any kind of rave attire. This will keep you cool and will prevent you from having a heat stroke in the middle of the event.

Plan Your set time before going to the event.
Make sure to plan your set times when going to the event. If there is a particular artist that you must see, then make sure to find out when they are set to play. You don't want to miss any of the artists you want to see. Insomniac has already released set times on their EDC Orlando app. You can download the app below.

Find ways to stay connected with friends.
There will be a large number of people at the event. Make sure that you have your cell phone charged in case you and your friends separate. Bring a portable charger to charge your phone when it is running on low battery. If your phone dies, then it will be very difficult to find your friends.

Plan a meet-up spot.
Sometimes, you may not have cell service due to the large number of people at the festival. It is best to always establish a meet-up spot just in case you all separate within a huge crowd and there is no service anywhere. Find a specific object or tent at the venue that will be easily recognizable among you and your rave squad. The moment you all separate, head over to the meet-up spot. You are sure to find your friends waiting for you there.

Purchase your tickets for this spectacular event here.

EDC Orlando app: IOS|Android

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