Martin Garrix is a production machine. After an October that saw over 5 releases, the world's number 1 DJ is back with one of his most unique productions in quite some time. Many may know the vocalist Mike Yung from America's Got Talent. The singer who worked the streets of New York City as a busker for over 40 years blew the world away with his iconic voice. Garrix was just one of the individuals who was moved by Mike's voice, and now the pair has released a collaboration.

Martin Garrix & Mike Yung – ‘Dreamer'

‘Dreamer' might be produced by Martin Garrix but do not get things twisted – Mike Yung is absolutely the star. Mike's powerful, soulful vocals are so emotionally moving that they help elevate Garrix's already upbeat and inspiring production to new heights. It is near impossible to not be inspired when listening to this song.

Mike Yung pushes his boundaries in this record as it is the first time the vocalist has strayed into the world of dance music. While many are familiar with Yung from his stint on national television, things have not been easy since his time on AGT.

Mike Yung Posts Inspiring Message To Social Media

Mike took to social media shortly after the release of ‘Dreamer' to explain that since his appearance on TV, his life did not miraculously get better. He has continued to struggle to find work and keep making music. He goes on to say he is beyond grateful for Martin who found him on the internet and gave him another show to do something truly special.

Read the full post from Mike, and listen to ‘Dreamer' below.

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