What's going on dance music fans!? We hope you're having the best of Sundays! If not, no worries, we're going to make it better with the track below. The Verdugo Brothers are featured yet again on EDMsauce.com for yet another festival and club ready banger.

Their newest record, Temple of Boom, is an absolute heater that highlights their industry leading production talent and meshes well with their extremely, one of kind stage performances. Temple of Boom features just about every element of the past decade of dance music and molds it into a cohesive track that includes progressive house, trance, hard trance, big room, and tech beats.

The Verdugo Brother are serious contenders in the industry and we're always happy to show off their diamond productions. Take a listen below and be on the lookout for this tracks to make its rounds at the remaining festivals this year and into the club scenes. Thanks for tuning in!