What is up dance music fans? Hope you're enjoying your Saturday afternoon. You know we love bringing you the best music day in and day out, and boy, do we have a killer record for you. No strangers to being featured on EDMsauce, the Verdugo Brothers have released yet another killer record in collaboration with Mina Fedora on vocals.

With some of the best production and live talent in the industry, the Verdugo Brothers have brought such an originality to the dance music scene during their tenured career as artists; and their new record continues to pave the road to stardom.

Their newest record titled Anything 4 You is a near hybrid track that cross genres, delving into trap, future bass, dub, and of course their original and always beautiful ambient breakdowns. The highlights of this track, outside of the intense listenability and luster, is simply the overall production quality. The meticulous manipulation of sound designs, layering, and stereo separation make this record a real treat to listen to. Take a listen below to this absolute banger by the Verdugo Brothers!