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Electric Zoo 2018 Exclusive Interview: Herobust

If you don't know the name Herobust by now you have surely been sleeping under a rock. This is one artist who has been doing big things for quite awhile now and is definitely one of the more well known acts in the bass music scene today. Over the years he's been putting out some dope music and playing at the world's biggest festivals, and it doesn't seem like he'll be stoping anytime soon.

I was able to talk with him for a bit at Ezoo this past weekend, we went into everything from his current music all the way to the beginnings of his career. Enjoy!

-So how was the show?

“Yeah the show was great and the festival is awesome! I definitely think you're seeing a lot more bass music this year than in years' past. It crazy to see, it's really taking over.”

-How has your summer been? What festival was your favorite?

“Yeah so I'm on a tour right now, the summer's been awesome. Favorite festival was probably electric forest, it was my first time playing there and it was really dope. Usually a good festival with a proper vibe ends up being awesome for about 4 years and then it kind of dies out and gets taken over by big money and all that. It becomes one of those spring break festivals and doesn't really hold up anymore. Electric forest is definitely the best of both worlds though, they have some big budget productions but they also keep the same vibe that they've had since the very beginning. It used to be a jam band festival so they do a great Job of preserving the actual energy of the festival while also scaling it up with high quality production.””

So how many times have you played at Ezoo?

“This is my second time playing here. This time round I played one of the primetime slots with a good number of people. Last time my set was actually at 11:30 in the morning, it was an early set and I was pretty nervous. It also turned out that hospitality wasn't ready for me at the moment being that it was so early. I got there asking for my green room and my rider, I also asked for a bottle and they were just looking at me confused cause it was 10:30 in the morning. It was still a lot of fun though.”

-How many times have you been to New York?

“I used to actually live here, I lived in Park Slope and Bushwick so I'm definitely comfortable with New York and the shows that go on over here. I remember Bassment Saturday's at Webster, I used to go to them a lot but now that Webster is gone it's kind of sad. That event was definitely holding the bass music scene together and everyone who was a part of it became family in a way. Also living in Bushwick there used to be a thing called Dub Day and I used to live literally right across the street from where it was happening. It was awesome and it reminded me of some of my first shows and how intimate they were. I'm not really sure if it's still going on but they had some serious talent coming out of it and had a lot of upcoming artists perform.”

-So as far as music goes, you just recently came out with your single “WTF”. How do you feel about the reaction that's been getting?

“Yeah I definitely feel its killing it right now, I'm not even worried about it really. I'm so happy with the result I just got back from Excision‘s festival ‘Bass Canyon'. His whole team have just been doing such a great job being ambassadors for the whole bass music community. They throw this festival every year and it essentially has every prominent bass act on it. After the festival my twitter was just exploding with comments on the new single and how people were saying that it was the premiere song or anthem of the festival. Excision closed the festival with it too. To me that is like the bass music olympics so to see so much love for my single at an event like that is truly awesome.”

-You have an EP coming out soon, is there anything in particular you're really hyped for when it comes out?

“I'm really hyped about the EP as a whole. The title of the EP is “Not Your Average” and the concept behind the EP is that it's obviously not your average EP as in it has music on it that's different than a lot of the shit that's out there today. I feel like I'm the curve ball out here and I definitely stick to my own sound a lot. I really wanted to embrace the shit that makes my music different, I'm really proud of how things are shaping up with it. It's actually not done yet, still working on it but I'm so stoked on the reaction it's gonna get once it comes out.”

-Touring wise what is your plan around the EP?

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“I mean we're still actually in the middle of a tour right now off of the new “WTF” single. Once this tour is over we'll do another one then roll out the EP. Most of the WTF tour is in Australia and abroad, this is gonna be my 4th time in Australia and I always love going down there.”

I have to say sitting down and talking with Herobust for a bit was such a pleasure. He is a dope dude and an insanely talented artist, looking forward to all of the big things to come for him. Be on the lookout for him on tour and keep an eye out for his new EP!

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