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Apple Announces iOS 12 Updates Including Customizable Animoji And Enhanced AR

Apple has announced iOS 12 updates and they are pretty amazing. While I am firmly an android fan myself, mainly because I like to see people lose their minds over green texts, Apple is really stepping their game up. Here are some of the best announcements from the press conference today.

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Putting The Phone Down

Apple wants to incorporate itself into every aspect of their customer's lives. This includes reminding them that a reality exists outside of their phone. For this reason, Apple now has a feature to show users just how long they are spending on certain apps during the day. It will also have a feature where users can set a maximum time for certain apps.

Youmoji – Customizable Emoji

With the release of the iPhone X Apple launched the massively popular Animoji feature. Using facial recognition Apple could have an animated emoji on your phone mimic your movements or even lip sync. Now they have gone a step further and are allowing users to design their own emojis that look like them!

Group Facetime

Apple announced they are launching a group facetime feature which will allow you to connect on Facetime with 32 other friends. This will be an amazing feature for businesses who need to conference call. The new Facetime will feature a zigzag main design, as well as a scrolling round up of call members on the bottom. I am skeptical this is will work immediately, as it is quite ambitious.

Ambitious Augmented Reality Projects

iPhone X was launched with some fun augmented reality features, that mainly were there for entertainment. Apple is now introducing software to make augmented reality useful as well as fun. The will have a measurement-taking ability built in for objects using the Camera.

Apple will also release software to companies to allow them to code products for use in AR. If you want to buy a new couch and want to see what it looks like in your apartment before buying? It might be as simple as opening up your iPhone AR app.

Read more about the amazing Apple updates via The Verge here.

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