At the end of March, Seven Lions and Jason Ross teamed up for their collaboration “Ocean” featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn. Fans rejoiced, as the track has been in demand since the duo played it back to back at The Gorge last year.

Now the track has been given new life with the release of its lyric music video. In true Seven Lions fashion, the video for the “Ocean” is absolutely stunning, beginning imagery of artifacts sunken under the sea alongside the song's lyrics which melt into the ocean waves. A female character enters the sea, and seems to be transported through time and space as she discovers ruins at the bottom of the ocean and finds a man sinking down with her.

Blending the melodic, bassy growl of Seven Lions with the more trance-leaning sound sculpting of Jason Ross, “Ocean” draws on a classy, catchy and anthemic vocal from Jonathan Mendelsohn that is already a favorite amongst the fanatical Seven Lions community.

Fans who attend Seven Lions' anticipated Chronicles shows may see a familiar face from the video in the show's wandering performances. 😉