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Super Future’s ‘Endless Love’ To Premiere On SiriusXM’s betaBPM

In just one day, Super Future and Kinnie Lane's “Endless Love” will officially be premiered on SiriusXM's betaBPM.

We sat down with Super Future to ask him what went into this release.

“As it turns out, the song was originally about feeling free and having no bounds whatsoever, the instrumental just gave me that awesome feeling,” said Super Future. “I was ready to turn it in as it was, but then I was challenged by a friend to see if I could try adding vocals since they believed in the fact that I could make that happen to get an even BETTER result. I had to swallow my fear a little because I had never actually done a full vocal track! We all saw it as an opportunity and the fear eventually turned into drive to dig deep and learn something new, and to do it to a high standard. I had gone through a few vocalists before I found Kinnie (all the way in France!) but her voice was just so enchanting that I had to work with her. I had not originally written a love song but the way she brought this song to life, I couldn’t help but to believe that it was now a love & hardship song. She added a great canvas for me to use and work into my song.”

When asking what it was like to create this song, Super Future said “this one was the most thought I have ever had to put into properly arranging lyrics and synths… ever. It’s petty tough to make both exist cohesively in the same space and still have meaning and flow. It’s funny how in this style of music the chorus sections (or “drop” as it’s called now) is no longer confined to a hook that has lyrics… but now it can be a strong melodic combination of synth, vocal chops and lyrics in the same space! I saw it as an opportunity to put my spin on it and include all 3. I’m really really happy with the result. I fell like the subject of “endless love” can take on a lot of meanings, whether you’re trapped in something that hurts but you just can’t say goodbye, or if it’s something good that you would never leave because of raw love, this is a future bass ballad that can make make you feel understood with the power of music & song.”

So what can we take away from this release? “Never be afraid to challenge yourself musically. Nowadays it’s more important than ever to put your originality into practice, so if it means doing or learning a new skill, rise the hell up to the challenge!! You might succeed or you might not from a commercial perspective, but you will learn the most this way every single time.”

Pre-Save Super Future's new single “Endless Love” here.

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