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Elena Andujar releases Flamenco Dance Mix with “Flamenco In Time”


We are entering into a new realm where the creative juices flow and the minds unite with something beautiful. The roots of Dance and Electronic Dance are at the core of this new track. Elena Andujar grabs the best of both worlds to mix them into a Dance world that is yearning for something new. Dancers are always seeking the next big track that can allow themselves to explore their own creative flow. Let's dive deep into the realms of her newest release, “Flamenco In Time”This disc introduces the young talent of percussionist, singer and song writer, Antonio Andujar, as a professional musician. This release also debuts MyMy Lady G, aka House vocalist, Composer and poet, Mady “Pepper” Gomez, as Producer and Director. This can only allow us to the conclusion of true creativity; where mind meets reality and imagination at the same time. 

We have a lot of rescuing to do. Not only is there endangered animals, but there is endangered music that is slowly dying. Flamenco is endangered music. This release brings flamenco elements into the world of dance music complete with jamming house-style club mixes. Two words colliding but for the greater good, to restore the elements of what makes both genres unique and different. To find a coherent space in time to recognize the potential of the fusion. Elena Andujar has always been an artist ahead of her time as she builds on her roots and continues to create, rap, and sing from her flamenco heart. By bringing flamenco framed music to today's people, she keeps traditional flamenco alive as well. Help keep this new genre mix alive by playing it and sharing it with anyone who would appreciate such time and devotion to creating a sound that's soothing and blissful. 

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