The universe has a funny way of slapping us with irony in some situations. Just yesterday we ran an in depth article about which Martin Garrix tracks we could expect to be released and which have been confirmed dead. In that article it was noted that the release with David Guetta and Ellie Goulding named, ‘So Far Away' was most likely to be delayed almost indefinitely due to issues with different labels.

Today though, Martin took to his Instagram story to announce that the song would be released soon. This is entirely unexpected as it was reported that Ellie Goulding's label wanted to first release the vocalists full album before allowing the feature to see the light of day. It appears that something has changed and that ‘So Far Away' has been given the green light to be released. Hopefully we can expect it before the end of the year! Check out the two teasers below.

It has also been rumored on Reddit that ‘Glad You Came' by Martin's Area 21 alias will be dropping next Friday. That being said this has not yet been confirmed. The cover art for the single can be seen below the video clips.