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What Martin Garrix IDs Will Still Be Released And Which Are Officially Dead?

Martin Garrix consistently releases so much music that it is hard to keep track of which of the tracks from his sets have made their way to official releases. Martin is also such a household name now that he has been granted countless opportunities to collaborate with some of the biggest names in music. This is a double edged sword as when massive artists get involved so do massive labels. This unfortunately creates disputes and many times stellar songs are never able to be officially released. That being said Martin has a handful of IDs that are still waiting to see the light of day, so which ones are still alive and which ones have been officially laid to rest?

Good News and Bad News

The question of which songs will actually be released was posed by /u/jjdionisio on /r/EDM . The response was of course answered by The Martin Garrix Hub, a dedicated fan who has more knowledge of the artist than probably even Martin himself. We have said time and time again that The Martin Garrix Hub is the #1 source for Martin Garrix news. Lucky for us, they were able to give us information on which songs are alive, and which ones will never see the light of day as an official release.

IDs Which Are Still Alive

The songs which are still alive and planned to be released are as follows: ‘Chinatown', ‘WTF', ‘Waiting For Tomorrow', and a collaboration with Ryan Tedder. ‘So Far Away' with Ellie Goulding and David Guetta was supposed to be released in October but due to label disputes the track has been frozen indefinitely. Most of the mentioned unreleased tracks have no details on release but ‘WTF' is suspected to drop the earliest while the Ryan Tedder collaboration will likely not appear any time soon.

IDs Which Have Officially Been Killed

What about the tracks which are dead and gone? Unfortunately ‘Music Box' with Hardwell, ‘Rewind Repeat It' with Ed Sheeran, and Martin's collab with Headhunterz have all bit the dust. ‘Rewind Repeat It' is Martin's near infamous collaboration with Ed Sheeran which fans have been begging for; while some hope was restored with the track could be found on ASCAP, no progress has since been made and there are no plans to move forward with a release. Another redditor noted that ‘Oussama' with Julian Jordan is also a dead ID. Check out all the tracks mentioned above that we could find, down below. Let us keep out fingers crossed for the successful release of as many as possible.

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